miércoles, 30 de marzo de 2011

Lampwork addict

As you will know if your take a look at my shop, I like glass beads, but there is a kind of these that I really love: the lampwork beads. All styles are beautiful, but the murano ones with silver folied, the blown ones (hollow) and the ones with lot of colorful details (I wonder about the gorgeous amount of artisan work in them) are my favourites.

I have a pair exactly like this to wear with jeans and a black sweater. The sterling silver combines with the hollow beads looking stunning:

miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011

Workspace: What is this?

Today I´m going to show you where I work my crafts. This blog post is for Promotional Frenzy Blog Wednesday event.

Three years ago when I have my first daughter, Ágata, I have to change my house´s spaces and with second (one year ago), Irene, more. So I lost my own craft space (I have a room for that) but now I have these two little girls in my life. I think it will be nice to show you today, too.
As you could see in photo, Now I made all at living room (sometimes, I use the kitchen too, for hot glue or similar). Sorry about photo, today is not sunny day.

Looks organized? Well, this is the outside, with babies near is need to be in this way. All my supplies are keeping behind the doors (see at both sides of armachair) and are not organized... it´s a mess. I always thinking that one day I will organized all, but not time. I prefer to made new things that be organized.

When my babies are sleeping or out of home and not danger for them (usually at night), I use to work in the table near of armachair:

(and my computer is here too, under the table..., I like watch TV at same time that I made items or chat)

miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

Nan Gates Designs

What a lovely shop!!! I really love the fabrics using for these stunning bags, pouches and accesories!!!

Last week I bought these lovely items. My hubby has stolen the key fob for himself.

The pouch is really gorgeous. The fabric is soft but strong, all it´s sewing with care. It´s great, I love it. In photo are beautiful, in hand are perfect!!!
Lot of items at this shop calling us to bought them, don´t think it, just take the one you love more.

miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

Need your opinion

Really busy last weeks with job, house, all... and couldn´t blog at same time that curate treasuires or others.
Today I have a question for all of you that are going to visit me by Promotional Frenzy Team at etsy. I made a new kind of brooch, really funny and lightwear with Hama Beads.
I´m thinking in start listing them as broochs and party favors but I´m not sure that they match with the rest of my shop. I have same doubt with felt brooches... Due to that, do you think I must list them in a second shop??? In this second shop I would add the felt broochs too when they start to expired and the new ones in these styles....

Really doubt... please, let me your comments to give me your opinion about those (the broochs and about open a second shop to give it different style).

(If your shop is not in my list, please give me a message too and I will add you.)