sábado, 29 de enero de 2011

New line of earrings with sterling silver earwires

Lovely earwires in sterling silver: pure, minimalist, perfect line... a great choice to dangle these mess balls in colorful aluminium. Now aviables at my shop.

jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

miércoles, 26 de enero de 2011

Between treasuries and beaded beads

This week I have spend lot of time curating treasuries, it´s some I love and I think it will take me lot of exposure too. This is my last one:

and this other is the one on the week with the bigger amount of views (aprox 3000) and clicks (aprox 920):

While waiting to get a FP, LOL, I have got my goal of have 100 items for sale in my shop with my news items with beaded beads:

miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011

Crocheted by Charlene

Today I want to introduce you to another etsy shop. This is:

Charlene made lovely items in crochet, I can´t figure how many love is in each piece, because I never be able to do only a bit... it´s my mother the one who loves made that. She has really nice pieces in her shop. There are lovely afghans, aplliques, bears and toys, scarfs, facial clothes, etc... take a look at my favourite

lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

First at etsy treasuries list

Finally, today I got it. With this I have get first place on etsy list of treasuries, thanks to all for support it.

Swarovski Ring could be yours!!!

Remember the aswesome jewerly I have featured is made by Galla15??? It´s on my previous post.
Well, I have a great new, Galla is making a great contest in her blog: Trinkets N Whatnots, take a look at the rules, you have two methods to win a gorgeous ring!!!

If you like, you could follow her at facebook too.

sábado, 15 de enero de 2011

Trinkets N Whatnots

Today I want to show you beautiful jewerly from a great artist: Galla15.
She makes great pieces with lot of quality materials, the most of them with: Swarovski crystal, glass buttons and mother of pearl. These materials are gentle combined with sterling silver, gold filled and others to create these great items.
I want to show you some of my favourites:

Take a look at the entirely shop to find stunning items that you´re going to love!!!

miércoles, 12 de enero de 2011


Yes, I´m a little sad. And this is because the treasury I have curated today.

This was the first time in months that I have curated a treasury without rules, not for a team, not for a thread, not for a challenge. So I was really free to choose the theme and go through etsy to find the items that could match better.
As I love coffee and love the coffee items too, I thank in two stunning images of coffee at esty, the stunning necklace of Petitehermine that I have blogged days ago and the great image from Crystalphotography´s that she has showed as in coasters last days. With this in mind, take a look to others members of frenzy, looking coffee items and found two more. Looking a long time at etsy I could found great items about coffee in all kinds of.
I was really happy with it. Have promoted it before listing to increase clicks... and upsssssss... I didn´t take a look at treasuries before listing, and when I did, etsy was not actualize today, the 60 first pages (I watched all) only have treasuires from more than 10 hours, so mine was really difficult to get first...
I promoted, promoted, promoted, (thanks all who supported) and three hours later, seems like etsy get to life again, treasuries start improving, and we get first... But I´m not happy. If we have got this page in the first hour (any other day I promise we could do in minutes with this number of clicks) we could get to first. But with this delay others from less time gone up ours quickly. So we are now the #15 and downloading. Best place was #6... really dissapointed to me.
I think only going to have about 900 views and 200 clicks maximun what is poor than the treasuries of the last week... so sad, too effort, bad goal.

domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

Treasuries get first page

Well, I continue wishing to have a FP at etsy, but at this time I have get first page of etsy with my treasuries this week and this at least give lot of views to the featured shops.
The better position was number 2 with this:

And have lot of views in this:

and in this (to non team challenge 13):

Thanks all to supporting, I´m addict!!!

miércoles, 5 de enero de 2011

Calliope AZ Creations

This great shop is a member of the Promotional Frenzy thread. I love the items that are there. Are really gorgeous. As a bead crafter, I really apreciated the time spended in every piece to get this perfect finished.

Take a look at this fantastic necklace in the right, isn´t perfect??? How get that all beads keep around the face and looks so stunning?

My favourite is this, I really love this kind of spirals, some day, with time I will try one, but only to think in the lot of work it takes...

In the shop you could find lot of great items that this artisand has made with love, not only jewelry, there are decorated rocks, really interesting for decor. Visit it, and enjoy!