miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2014

Back from summer vacation

I´m back from holidays, thinking in some new projects. I´m so excited that I bougth my first Project Life album, plastic covers and Core Kit (I choose Honey Edition) in order to begin with my summer family photos.

I always feel that I´m wrong with my photos locked on the PC or some from first child year in a draw... an nobody can take a look at them. Never find the time to order them,  to put them in albums, so now, near to Scrapbooking and trying all tecniques and styles, I´m gonna try Becky Higgins system. Also, I was really hurry, can believe my luck! that I could atend to some class from CreativeLive (broadcasting for free), about this, and with Becky Higgins as teacher. Stunning, I have learn a lot about the Project Life essence and I´m decided to try as soon as I finished the two traditional scrapbooking albums that I working in.
While waiting some photos of new projects, how about take a look at Almuñecar Playa Spa Hotel, in Almuñecar, Granada (Spain), we enjoyed great days there