lunes, 13 de diciembre de 2010

Treasuries make my crazy

I´m really involved in make and promote treasuries. I have learnt that treasuries could give at your etsy shop more exposure and maybe more sales. Actually, I have joined a team of people who love to curate this list and I curate at week the treasury for this team, the treasury for the Frenzy Pomotional (on Fridays) and some treasuries like "nonteamtreasurychallenge" or others only for fun...

With this I´m looking to promote my self by promoting others. I will love get a FP but it´s very difficult. I only have got the 11 place in first page at my best goal. Never up from this, but I´m trying. Normal days I use to get second or first page by promoting the treasuires, and thanks to "Treasure lover" team I have got some sales by treasuries of others members.

I have learnt some things about treasuries experimenting at home: clicks are the really important to get hotess, the comments don´t take part and time is really important, the best to improve is get the more clicks at possible in the less time, if you get in one or two hours first page or maybe the second you can stay them for sometime. If you get the first you could keep this page more time because people who start viewing treasuires take a look at these first. So promoting is the most important.

So thanks for all who are supporting my obssesion. Thanks a lot.

2 comentarios:

  1. It's definitely hard to get a FP. These are great treasury picks :)

  2. Lovely treasuries!

    Now forgive me while I wander through them all ;)