lunes, 6 de diciembre de 2010

Beaded bead

From the jewelry that I create, there are some items specials for me: the ones with beaded beads.

A beaded bead or TQB, as usually called, are beads made stitching one by one little seed beads around a wooden bead heart. Make one of these beads at the medium size (10mm of wooden bead inside) takes me around one hour, take in mind that there are more than two hundreds of little beads and it has not knots, the thread is topped by go through little beads many times.

To get the perfect beaded bead is necessary have the best seed beads, these are Miyuki, quality trademark, japanese seed glass that are same size ones with ones and have lot of colors. Also you can add Swarovski crystals, firepolished czech beads and others to make more spectacular the final piece.
The result are stunnign pieces, one of a kind in the most of times, because it´s really difficult to repeat the same special when it has a desing of colors in it and the bead is big.

4 comentarios:

  1. You do beautiful work and you are very smart to just use small pieces of beadweaving and mix them with metal! Most of mine take a really long time and don't sell very quickly. I am working on creating some more designs that are less time-consuming and use smaller bits of beadweaving combined with other materials, because I think customers understand that better than a whole large beadwoven piece.

    That brown and white necklace with the oxidized chain is gorgeous by the way!