martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

Tuesday at Promotional Frenzy thread

Tuesday is the Promotional Frenzy in this thread I have joined. Due to the different of hours, I can´t be at 9:00 pm (etsy time), but I use to promote all items. In The event each shop will post one link to an item they want to get more exposure. Then we will each go through and promote that one item from each shop.
I have learnt to share this in facebook, stumble and kaboodle. I´m learning more ways of share items. I have choose the three that I like most to post here.
First: Gold Freshwater Baroque Pearls from Galla15Whatnots

Second: Green and Purple Flower and Pearls Bracelet Set from momadonnas

Third: Silk Ribbon Wrap Bracelet with Labradorite Briolettes from charmeddesign1012

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