lunes, 29 de noviembre de 2010

Cyber Monday Promotional Frenzy

Today is Cyber Monday, I have understand that in USA after Thanksgiving there are lot of sales in shops, to start buying for Christmas gifts. Here, in Spain, this is a incredible ideia: how shops could download the prices when people spend more money??? Really incredible!!! But Real!!!

I want to show you my favourites of promotional frenzy items for this day, really stunning items at very affordables price:

This is a small sized button for a delicate but sparkly look! I handwrapped silver plated wire around the Swarovski button to create a unique ring. The button has a diamond leaf shape.

Over one hundred white glass beads with over one hundred silver jumprings make this beautiful bracelet. Sure to compliment any outfit in your closet.

"An Artist's Studio" 5x7 fine art photography print by Ashley Ziemianski

Handblown glass has been given a silvery matte finish and a smattering of red specks to add texture and pizazz. Dangling from silver wavy disks and finished with sterling earwires.

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