miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2014

Beadweaving filigree rings tutorial

I´m going to try a little tutorial, so easy to make, rings with superduo or twin beads and a filigree setting like mine:

It´s easy to make, not my idea, so sorry about. I think there´s not other tutorial to explain it. You will need:

Filigree ring setting, C-lon, needle, one 3mm faceted bead for the center, 15/0 seed beads, 10/0 delica beads and 11/0 delica beads and superduo or twin beads. You must start making the flower by Biloba that you can find easily in Bricolart web it´s a lovely freebie. I love Biloba art. You must stop when flower is still round with superduo beads and delicas betwen like this:
Now you must adding four 15/0 seed beads between every two delicas:

As soon as you finish the circle you have all the beadweaving work finish. It´s time to start sewing the beadwork to the setting. 

I sew first one row of 10/0 delica to the finding and them the last row of the 11/0 delicas too. This way it´s sure and don´t move. Finish the C-lon threads as usual working on several beads, and cut off them.
Enjoy stitching!!! 

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